Historic Gaslight and Ghosts Tours In The Sherman Hill Historic District

Tour #1:
Visit the many haunted sights and hear about the erie ongoing paranormal activity in Des Moines's oldest neighborhood. Including our famous unsolved Jack The Riper Style Murder.

Tour Starts at 7 PM (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) or by special arrangement.

Cost: $10 per person
Must Call for reservation:

Tour #2:
Tour and hear the history of the haunted victorian house occupied by 5 ghosts - verified and documented by 3 different teams of paranormal researchers.

House is located on the site of Iowa's worst loss of life in a fire. Coronado Apartments fires - 7 Dead 5 spirits remain on site)

Cost: $10 per person
Must Call for reservation:

Tour #3:
Stay overnight if you dare Take part in a night of paranormal research with the supernatural research society of Iowa

(www.srsoi.com or www.myspace.com/srsoi)

Participate in ghost investigation, discovery and documentation.

Starting October 17th - This event will occure once a month - call early for reservations! Space is limited and rooms fill fast!

Time: 8 pm till dawn
Cost: $60 per person
Minimum 3 participants
Maximum 12 participants

Must Call for reservation:

Phone: 515-491-0593,
Use our Online Reservation form or send a direct email.
Seating Capacity: 40

755 20th Street | Des Moines, IA | 50314  click for map.



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